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Hello there! I'm Brian Surdel, a professional with a decade-long immersion in the realms of Web Development and Digital Marketing. Over the years, I've navigated the entire spectrum of the digital development process, starting from initial sales to final deployment and continual optimizations. My expertise extends to deploying robust eCommerce websites, ensuring web accessibility & compatibility, and seamlessly integrating external services such as CRM platforms and AI-assisted tools/utilities into digital infrastructures. I've directed teams of adept individuals, operating seamlessly in startup environments, both within organizations and as an external resource. My pride lies in crafting top-tier digital marketing platforms of the highest quality.
My journey hasn't just been about leadership roles; I've been an active part of leadership teams while also deeply involved in the groundwork of day-to-day projects. At various junctures, I've revolutionized development processes, architecting new budgeting systems and implementing streamlined deployment practices that compete fiercely in the modern web landscape. My track record boasts not just leadership but hands-on contributions that bolster efficiency and elevate outcomes.


  • Name : Brian Surdel
  • Phone : 860.916.5952
  • E-mail : mr.brian.surdel@gmail.com






My Skills

Web Design

Website design is the first impression that you provide to your visitors. Just like in person, they can make or break the success of continued relationships. I have personally designed and frameworked, as well as, consulted with others designers, to build successful sites. Design skills include, prowess with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, & Google Web Designer.

UX Design & Conversion Optimization

The usability of your website is the most important piece to your presence online. All your marketing efforts will be in vain if your website can't deliver the experience your visitors expect. Continuing to follow the latest UX studies and monitoring sites allows for intelligent modifications that improve user experience. Additionally, the structure and formatting of your site can greatly influence the success of conversions. I have built and tested framework models that have been proven to maintain multimillion dollars in sales.

Web Development

Fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP; allows me to bring to life the site design and UX planning explained in the previous boxes. This is so important because the previous planning and strategy will have been for nothing if you can't execute properly. I personally have in-depth experience with developing on CMS (content management systems), WordPress and Joomla being the primary, as well as, static site frameworks (html + css libraries).

SEO & Analytics

Often times the website's guts are ignored as all the focus is placed on the design of the website. Without proper SEO and (in turn) analytics, you are dooming your site for failure. I am fully trained and experienced with implementing on-page technical SEO (meta, schema, speed optimizations, keyword strategy, etc.) Additionally, I am certified via Google with all 3 analytics courses, including Google Analytics for Power Users. This allows me to interpret the success of websites via the collected data and make appropriate changes.

Project Management

There is no greater role in the success or failure of a website build than the Project Manager. Having a solid 4 years of Project Management in the Hospitality vertical, I can tell you all the various techniques, technologies, and teachings I have used to keep projects on track. Coordinating all the varrious moving parts of an intricate project takes great organizational skills, expert communication, and a drive to get stuff done. I am proud to say I have all three in my toolbox.

My Resume


Blue Magnet Interactive

March 2019 - Present

As Director of Design and Development I oversee our entire portfolio of independent websites. Managing a team of 3, we continue to push the department with cutting edge designs, implementing advanced analytic tracking with a dynamic suite of reporting, and integrated UX systems, to deliver a devastatingly competitive platform for our clients. Currently fascinated with deep-level compound analytic systems using software like Power BI and custom spreadsheets to discover hidden opportunities and facets of our websites.

Blue Magnet Interactive

April 2016 - March 2019

Was the lead Project Manager and decision maker at the helm of the Blue Magnet Design and Development department and made major strides in advancing the product in both quality and successfulness. Built sites that total 34 million in individual attributed revenue in one calendar year. Additionally, managed a team of 3 that continues to push the department forward. I have also been the architect of a site build evaluation system that collects varrious inputs and cost variables and compares them to time and resources dedicated, ultimately computing a internal success factor (grade) and budgetary summary.

Blue Magnet Interactive

May 2015 - April 2016

Was in charge of 20+ clients and contributing to the overall digital marketing strategy. This included a combination of: account managment, social media, SEO, website optimizations, & PPC (paid media) for varrious clients. From there I specialized in Design and Development as the company underwent a change into an agency model.


Champlain College
Robert P. Stiller School of Business

October 2011 - June 2015

Nestled between the mountains of Vermont and Lake Champlain, I attended Champlain College specifically for a degree in marketing with a concentration in digital media. Also was a memeber of the marketing club from all four years.

Google Analytics Academy

December 2015 - Present

I have actively kept up and maintained my certifications from Google Analytics Acedemy which now include: Analytics, Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Analytics for Power Users, and Adwords.

I am Available for Freelance

My Portfolio

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My Blog Posts

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